Sunday, January 23, 2011


Meet Justin

He thinks I'm crazy. I trust Him because he shares the painful truths of life effortlessly. He's obsessed with His family, Facebook, and football games. He knows more than he wants people to believe.

I think Nikka said it best the first time she met Him:

"Justin is rude. Like, really rude. And yet He is still really kind and likable. How does he DO that!?"

He appreciates small gestures of kindness. He takes rap music more serious that the general listening public. If he didn't focus on the future so much he would marry a model and live a lavish life. I'm grateful he isn't. He acts wisely. Not easily persuaded. Funny. Very funny. Simple. The amount of stories he can tell would usually only come from someone twice his age, but he doesn't share that with just anyone, not even me.

The only problem with Justin is that he is similar to me in the worst ways possible: Stubborn, Vain, Pragmatic. The first time I met Him it annoyed me that He was wearing basketball shorts and purposefully not paying me attention. That experience describes our relationship since that day.

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