Thursday, February 10, 2011

One More Night

This is a day I would say, "Diddy, let's go to dinner." he would suggest some strange and oddly delicious restaurant and we would talk shop, Mexico, and dating. I would laugh at his jokes and puns he didn't know were funny. He would tell some stories from when he worked in Corporate America. He would ask about yoga. He would express how proud he is. He would make sure I'm living my life right. He would suggest things for me to do with my calling. He would pick up the bill and silence his phone. He would get irritated at me for texting. He would ask how many kids I could have and still keep my job. We would talk about how much we will wakeboard this summer. He would want to plan a trip to Utah to visit Kyria and go snowboarding. He would turn off the radio and just listen to me as I expressed my emotions about my current situation. He would say, "Babe, why do you worry? Work hard. Make the right choices. Pray. Everything will work out." I would cry because I love him so much. I would ask if we could get yogurt because I didn't want it to end. Dessert would be straight laughs and light hearted conversation. I'd listen to the same stories I'd heard a million times about him courting my mom and love them just the same. I'd go home and take it for granted like he'd always be there to buy dinner and make laugh.

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