Thursday, February 3, 2011


Meet Jennifer. Also known as Jenna, or Mom because she hates when call her by her first name.

Last week I had a conversation with her that left me laughing long enough to tweet and write this post. We were speaking of a certain new suitor who she scoped out in my ward and then dared me to marry. I took the challenge, of course. Kyria spilled that I was with him one night and she called me the next day and said, "You know the feeling when you walk into Target and your heart skips a beat? That's the feeling I kept having knowing you were in the same room as him."

I laughed for a good 45 seconds. I do feel a bit like Regina George in Mean Girls as her mother professes, "I'm a cool mom." The only difference is that she is so young as far as young adult mothers go, that she really can hang with the girls.

She is smart, talented, motivated and grounded. She thinks with her heart and therefore offers a counter perspective to my tactful decision making. She sleeps in the most comfortable bed known to mankind. She loves having us around but craves solitude and relaxation.

I inherited from her my height, my motivation, my ability to see things how they really are, my love for my father, and my anxiety. She is funny, outgoing, and beloved by all. She likes dramatic television, talk shows, and big city travels. I will never forget the one time in college we met in New York City for the weekend and shopped and saw a million shows and ate delicious food and laughed.

She is who's approval I seek. She is who I pray for. She is who I wish to see as often as possible.

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