Wednesday, February 9, 2011


We've been in exactly two fights. One was about pizza, the other about the dumbest game on earth called Monopoly Deal. I, of course, started both of them. What both fight boiled down to..... I Miss You (Didnt even need therapy to figure that one out.)

Meet Kyria. The girl who's stilletoes I am not worthy to shine. She is rambunctious, beloved, determined, hilarious, and sassy. Our friendship began in high school when she proved to be good enough company to bring around my friends. Then again in college when we lived together and she was forced to grow up too fast and learn what emotions look like. People LOVE her. I repeat, people LOVE her. Kids love her, adults love her, grown men, young boys, people I am trying to date.. Everyone loves Kyria. I have never met a person who meant her and said, "ew".

She loves horses and chocolate desserts and repetition and exercise and spicy sushi. She used to sleep in a 3 foot space by choice. She sees the world as she should, real and flawed but beautiful. She's vulnerable and not easily persuaded. She smells like Japanese Cherry Blossoms. I envy the man who she will take care of tenderly and the children who get to be hers.


Chelsie Clarke said...

I concur. Not a single soul out there that doesn't LOVE Kiks.

I love reading your blog. like LOVEEEEEEE.

{atd} said...

Love this post.
Love that girl.
Love your blog.