Wednesday, March 9, 2011

A Four Pill Day

All day I was serious, interested, sharp, poignant, strong, having tough conversations with ease, laughing at the right time, selling my ideas, finding new ways to accomplish tasks. I suppose you could say I was on my grind.

And then 6 oclock happened. I changed from my Oxford shirt and 3 inch heels, put on skinny jeans and stilettos, and hit the mall like a careless teen. Bought a ring because it was shiny and laughed and talked about things that probably won't have any eternal significance. Laughed-- no, giggled. Spoke my mind for 2 straight hours. Whatever I thought is what came out.

The two me's are so opposite. They are both relentless in staying away from eachother. They won't share a warddrobe. They use different phones. One rests and feels and the other one sees that as a weakness. One seeks understanding, accomplishment, and laud, the other wants handbags. One listens to MGMT and the other to Manchester Orchestra. They balance eachother in an odd, deeply functional way. They are both likable and charming and, like any good pair, they are only complete together.

It's exhausting being me.

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Chelsie Clarke said...

this makes me think of "boss" conversations in bed. (: bahahahaha
you reprimanded me for bringing work home. (: i love & miss you so much.