Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Wise Men Care

As I woke up this morning to an alarm and brushed my teeth and washed my face, made to do lists in my head, assessed which part of my body was sore from yesterday's workout, thought about what I wanted for breakfast, picked a song to listen to, and got ready for work, I felt an ache to be back to that Island in Mexico where the water looks like the sky and the sand is a white as my skin was 4 days ago.

Then I thought about my reality. My life and my family and my friends and the ability to effectively communicate with vendors when I'm in America. I began to feel extremely grateful for a regimen. I felt grateful for things in life that are consistent. I felt it necessary to acknowledge that I don't handle surprise or lack of planning very well. I like a version of spontaneity that is very controllable.

This is new for me. New for me to not miss home when I'm on vacation and not miss vacation when I'm at home. My Dad often says "Wherever You Are, Be There," and I never understood it until now.

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