Wednesday, March 30, 2011

It's not creepy if it's you

I am facebook stalkling myself. Pictures. I smile in every picture so as I look at those pictures I try to recall the actual emotion associated with the smile. There are clues. My surroundings. If the picture was taken in my apartment you know the smile is extremely fake. If it was taken any where near 6th street, you know I am trying to supress something. Other clues, the subjects. If I am with my family the smile is real. If I am wearing black, the smile is fake. If it was taken in October or November chances are I couldn't give you many details. If my eyes are red, it's because I just emerged from my closet. If it's from last weekend the smile is real. If I'm wearing spandex, it's fake. If I'm not smiling, chances are you won't see those pictures up at all. Gotta keep up appearances....

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