Thursday, March 24, 2011

You Weren't Expecting This

Admittedly, I am sitting outside writing this. I usually wrap up my day on the computer and it is just so beautiful that I decided to make all my calls and check my email outside. I am halfway in the shade so the sun is beating on my black shirt but there's still a breeze. I couldn't ask for any better weather for my favorite day of the week. My hair is up which usually makes me a little weary but it is fitting for this day. At any moment I could jump into a pool or the lake. I began thinking about Summer in Texas yesterday and it made me kind of uneasy but then I remembered that for most of the year it is blissful, and only painful for a short time.

Weather changes everything. I can see the reflection of myself in my computer screen and my bronzer is glimmering. I can't get over how great this is. I can't see how anyone could be unhappy. Life is stressful and mind-numbing but sometimes you just need to sit outside in the sun and count your blessings.

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Chelsie Clarke said...

I love you. I love this.