Monday, September 22, 2008

the ice is getting thinner

Back to work today! Watch my optimism as I finish out the last week of my summer strong. I realize my issue with this current employment is that I went into this job thinking that on August 31 I'd be done. It's like if David Blaine was told he was going to be let go from hanging upside down at hour 60, and then at the end they said, "Surprise! three more weeks." And the worse part is HE AGREES and then one week into the torture he realizes he doesn't want to do it. Yeah, I'm just like that. Minus all the scars, magic and, well, there are not records in my name.

I do love selling, I really do. I'm just ready for something new. I'm ready to wake up without anxiety and come home earlier than 9 p.m. I also wish everyone hadn't left because we had so much fun. It was fun to drive out with the boys and take naps in the car or sit at Jack-In-The-Box for two hours (wups). It was fun to sell for 45 minutes and get 3 sales because it was hot and people couldn't help but to say yes to me. I loved coming home and playing Texas Hold 'Em for hours and then falling asleep too late and waking up too late and repeating the same day over, and over again. I loved story time and water breaks and lunches at Martin's Cove and praying for rain with everyone. We all hated what we were doing but we were competitive and we worked hard most of the time and so we enjoyed hating it, together. And now I enjoy hating it, alone.

But, because it's in my nature to do the exact opposite of what I want to do, I continue to work. And I will continue to work. And David Blaine and his record-setting self can tear a page out of my book because I am conquering the impossible, or so it seems.

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