Tuesday, September 23, 2008

just to make me realize how young I really am

10 years ago...

September of 1998. 6th grade. I had just started middle school. The only things I remember about 6th grade is that EVERYONE wore Doc Martin's, the ones that if you see someone wearing today you run in the other direction. I remember that they gave us 7 minutes to get to class and that was not enough for me. I remember that some very rude girls put a bunch of tampons and pads in a girl who's locker was next to me to make fun of her for starting her period. This was the year my family and my cousins went to Hawaii for our first time. I hung out with Cherie most of the time except for our occasional fights. I got a 'C' in a class and it was the first time (first of many I should say) when I realized I could talk my way out of just about anything, I didn't begin to use these powers of persuasion right then, though.

5 years ago...

September 2003. Junior year. Also know as the GREATEST year of my life. I think in September I had just started dating, and I loved it. I had a car and my own business (what? seems like a different life now). I was talking with Al who was still getting himself into trouble. One time Junior Year I wore overalls to school- not the hideous, embarassing, Walmart overalls, but, like, some, cute, only-Elyse-could-pull-those-off-overalls- I'd like to think that's when I got respect for doing what I want in High School, a trait that many, typical, crowd following teenagers didn't have. It was sometime around this time I met Kelsey and figured we'd be best friends forever, a hope I still actually have. I ran everyday and only ate food with little to no fat, I was blonde and fun-loving and had high-hope for myself.
The thing I remember most about this time was that I was still so innocent that I didn't let anything happen that I didn't have complete control over. I still remember the first time a boy tried to kiss me, and, because I'd been raised by Rod Dial himself, I didn't let him because I didn't think he deserved it. Sometimes I still wish I had that innocence.

5 months ago...

April. The first sign of Spring in Provo is fabulous. I was not so fabulous. I had just gotten out of a too-short fling with someone who did actually deserve me. Cami had just left for Europe and I was lost. I was days away from moving to Texas and was panicking because I didn't know why I was coming here. I kept trying to pack up my room but ended up hanging out with people from my past each night just to try and give me reasons to stay in Utah. I was scared and stressed and uncertain about selling. I gave up dating altogether and made a goal to not kiss, date, or even have a crush on anyone in Texas. You know how they say when you want something it doesn't happen and when you don't want something it happens? Well I got what I didn't want, and realized it's what I want, and five months ago if you would have told me I would have laughed in your face.

5 things on my to do list tomorrow...

1) Watch House, Season Two
2) Meet with Dad about schedule, pay, and time OFF!!! So I can plan trips!! and waste away my self-made inheritance!!
3) Sell? I guess.
4) Take Grandma somewhere special
5) Go to the Office and turn in contracts

p.s. with little variation, these are the 5 things on my to-do list everyday. eek.

5 things I would do if I was suddenly a billionaire...

1) Tithing
2) Create a scholarship foundation for children from South America or Nigeria, and send them all to BYU or Harvard or wherever
3) Set up my IRA, buy investment properties and stock
4) Take the family to Spain and Italy
5) Buy everone in my family and pair of True Religions, buy Rodney an Iphone, get at least 3 different handbags, get the Subaru I want, go to San Francisco with my Grandma, and get lazer hair removal

5 bad habits...

1) Checking my email constantly
2) Biting my nails
3) Picking at split-ends
4) Judging people
5) Being too hard on myself

5 places I've lived

1) Round Rock, TX (Cornerwood House, Pepper Rock House, Martin's Cove)
2) Spokane
3) Mesa, AZ
4) Provo (Deseret Towers, King Henry, Brigham Young's House)
5) Austin

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kinky said...

i love it. you forgot a few things though.

Great Oaks house!? how you forgot that i do not know that was gooood times!

and if you werea billionaire i would hope you would help pay for my school.