Monday, September 29, 2008

like the little spoiled girl on Charlie and The Chocolate Factory with the golden eggs

We all want things to last forever. We all want to be trusted. We all wish things could be how they were when life was simpler, even if it was just a month ago. We all want to believe in love. We all want to give everyone a second chance. We want to be happy and successful and hopeful and smart and talented.

But me?

I want more sugar in my cereal. I want to be able to run, really far and really fast. I want to wear boots and winter coats and drink hot chocolate. I want fall, not the psuedo Texas Fall that is really just a milder version of Summer, but the real Utah Fall where the leaves flee the trees and everything changes into a shade of red or orange and you can't help but love the mountains. I want for my Grandma to remember. I want to wear flats everyday. I want what I deserve. I want to be known by people who matter and to matter to the people who know me. I want to understand everything. I want a really, really big Burberry bag that will not only hold my lip gloss and my cell phone but also my secrets and my successes. In fact let's just throw everything in there so I don't have to hold onto anything.

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Mallory Phillips said...

I love reading. keep typing.