Sunday, September 21, 2008

Letter to You

We've always had something. You and me, we get each other. I've always been your favorite, and you mine. The first time I ever visited you I wanted to be just like you. I wanted to be friendly and respected and optimistic like you. I wanted to work hard and love my family like you. I know you made mistakes and you wish you would have spent more time with your kids. I also know you did the best you can. You make up for what you lack. You expect greatness from yourself.

You love everyone you come in contact with. You have learned not to judge or hurt or offend. Because of this you have friends everywhere you go. You have many people that don't understand you but this doesn't change your zeal towards them. It doesn't change your love for them. You genuinely care about everyone you come in contact with. You sometimes act strange, but you still care.

I forgive you. I forgive you when we're in a public place and you hit on people half your age. I forgive you when you say things you shouldn't to my parents. I forgive you when you change your mind. I forgive you when you bring up the sexual preferences of my Aunts and Uncle at dinner with strangers. I forgive you when you make a fool of us. I do. Because I love you. And because I respect that you are trying.

You are leaving today and I am sad because our time together this time has really been special. You've seen me through a rough patch, and really taught me so much about life and love and the ability to be happy no matter what I'm going through. You made allowances for me and let me slack off a little because you know I needed it. I hope you remember to come back. I hope you remember that this is your home. I hope you need me the way I need you.

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