Thursday, September 25, 2008

My favorite things

Oprah did it, Nordstrom did it, and now I, too, have a Favorite Things Of The Season list.

1. Sonicare. I go through phases of brushing with the Sonicare that my mom bought me like 10 years ago when I was a young, chubby, brace faced girl. I didn't appreciate it back then because I wasn't fanatical about my teeth. But I am fanatical now. I love my Sonicare so much that I only brush with it every other day so I will appreciate it more.
My biggest accomplishment of the Summer was the day that I convinced Rex to buy a Sonicare. I would come to work and talk about how great my teeth felt, and then 5 hours later my teeth would still feel great and I was gush about it and finally during a Target trip Rex said, "Screw it, I'm buying one!" I am just that good of a saleswoman. Maybe they are hiring. I love my Sonicare and i don't care who knows!!

2. Cognac Boots. I couldn't find a picture on and I am too lazy to go upstairs and take a picture of them so I will just write about it. I'm going through a boot phase this week. Grey, Brown, Black and now, my favorite, Cognac. The Cognac pair don't go with much of my wardrobe because they are a pretty brilliant color and I am more of a black girl, but, nonetheless, they are perfect. They have a minor, everyday heel, and they are extremely comfortable. My only beef is that I am not in Utah and it is still 90 degrees here so boots don't really mesh with the weather. Looks like I'm going to have to vacation to colder climate next weekend. I heard New York is supposed to have a storm?

3. Turq Ring. Last week I bought a ring for my middle finger, because my other two were getting lonely. This one is gaudy and huge and absolutely brilliant. I love it. I love the color. I love that it goes with everything. I love that I now pattern my outfits around what matches the ring. I love that I still buy myself jewelry when I feel like I deserve it. I love that I am the best gift buyer for myself cause I know exactly what I want. As far as jewelry is concerned, at least. Life can wait, accessories can't.

4. Swimming. So ever since I saw this and this, I knew I was in the wrong industry. No but really, much to the pleasing of every physical therapists who has ever X-rayed my poor knees I have decided to hang up my running shoes for the time being and work it out in the pool. So far so great. Seriously, imagine a cardio workout where you don't sweat and you also work your abs, triceps, deltoids, biceps, calves, and butt. Then go swim 20 laps. Feel the burn, baby. It seriously is a miracle. Plus, if I can look like that at age 40, there's nothing I can't do.

5. Rudys. Although yesterday I think I got sick from eating a beautiful lunch of Brisket, Turkey and Creamed Corn, it was worth it. I mention the Creamed Corn because until yesterday I didn't like Creamed Corn. Which is peculiar because I was raised on Rudy's and Creamed Corn to Rudy's in like the Kiss to Hershey's , real popular. And now I, because of a total taste bud change, like the Hershey Kiss and the Creamed Corn, am, like, real popular. Oh. My. Gosh.

6. Snow Patrol. I don't know if everyone is as crazy about their music as I am. I believe that we should all be crazy about music. I believe that we should let music change our mood. I believe it because I do. Some days I have this disease where I can't settle on a song and it drives me to the point of insanity. On these days I listen to Snow Patrol. It's so melancholy and lovely and calming. Like, no doubt Snow Patrol will be my future husband's secret weapon for when I am menstrual and bordering anxiety attacks and running around the house looking for chocolate and diet coke and yelling that I need to buy new jeans. Pump the jams, honey.


Mallory Phillips said...

elyse you're so funny! I hope I will see you at Brian's farewell on sunday... any hope for me?

kyria MICHELLE said...

all i have to say is...

Like looking in the freakin mirror.

luckily minus the wrinkles

and regrettably minus the baby :(

Jennifer said...

Ummm... you used the M word, sortof