Friday, September 18, 2009

don't feed the models

7 Weeks ago I entered into an agreement with my mother, Kyria, and Nikka. The agreement is what we, and 20 other women in Texas, refer to as Diet Challenge. I did it in the support of my sisters who did it in the support of my mom who did it in the support of her friends. That last sentenced should be read WE ARE A BUNCH OF SUCKERS. Kyria and I are having fun with it. Like for fun we go to the gym for 3 hours, or for fun we eat 500 calorie lunches and pretend we are satisfied. Last weekend Eli was in town and took us out to eat like 5 times and although we were satiated for the first time since June, we would cringe at every meal knowing it just meant we had more work to do. I can't complain considering with my senior year being surprisingly stress-free and surprisingly single, I need something besides keeping my apartment clean to fill my time. Despite my quasi-optimism, I will be grateful come October when it is all over.

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