Sunday, September 20, 2009

it's full of secrets

I HAVE two blogs. I have this blog that you're reading because for whatever reason you've made it a site that you visit when boredom attacks. And then there's another one. It's private so that only I (or as I have painfully learned in the past, someone who is snooping on my computer) can read it. This blog holds my public thoughts. That blog holds everything else. Basically, I moved around so many times that carrying a journal was not realistic, so the blog is as personal as a journal. When I get the desire to blog about something real I have to decide where I'm going to publish it. Do I want the internet to know my deepest thoughts? Do I feel comfortable letting people see a glimpse of the real me? Regrettably, that answer is "no" more often than not. I get especially coy when I'm deciding to blog about someone.

Point is, I have something to say about someone but I'm too embarrassed to say it here. Guess you'll have to break into my computer to read it.

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