Monday, September 14, 2009

oh really

rain is everyone's excuse to be sad. people stay inside and sleep longer and watch more movies and stop doing their homework and spend more money. are we sad because of the rain? is it raining because we are sad? maybe it's someone's way of creating tears when we don't know how. because where did crying ever get anyone?

i'm sitting in my bed listening to A Fine Frenzy and the rain and eating grapes because of diet challenge and i hesistate to write anything sad because i don't want nikka to cry but i will go ahead and blame it on the rain. my indecisiveness has served me wrong yet again forcing me to sit here painting my nails for the 5th time, dreaming about moving to seattle, putting off my homework, and playing the swan song on repeat. and i'm pretending that it is the rain's fault.

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