Sunday, September 6, 2009

here's my problem

I have this perception of how things will be. I believe in signs and tingling feelings in the pit of your stomach and people being in your life for a reason and holding onto to slightest glimmer of hope that used to be there but left. I believed way too many boys who apologized and said they loved me and I got too close to my Dad who is like the world's most admirable man and also believes in everyone. More powerful than either of those, however, was that I watched the movie Serendipity way too many times for any average 17 year old girl. Why do you think I crave NYC so frequently? Is it because of the larger than life Bergdorf & Goodman? No. It is because Mr. Right is there and he wants to trace my freckles and ice skate with me.

I also believe in hope. I believe in it not only as a religious necessity but as a way to maintain sanity amid times of gloom. I am rude and prideful and unforgiving, unless you happen to be one of three people in which case you can do pretty much whatever you want and I will still be there tomorrow.

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