Thursday, October 9, 2008

i'll go inside someday

my desire for a Seattle trip has resurfaced. consider this fair warning that if you can't find me one day the first place to look might just be the Space Needle.


Trent and Cherie Hogan said...

My friends and I went up there for a Nada Surf concert for a night once. It was really fun, we stayed in Downtown seattle and went shopping at Urban and stuff. The concert was held at a venue across the street from that famous fish market but we didn't get to see them throwing around the fish :( I also went up there with gpa a couple times. Its a neat city, I mostly crave exotic places for vacations though. What makes you want to go to seattle?

Kristen Duke Photography said...

I went to seattle twice and never went up in the space of my favorite cities though. Are you in Austin? Cute pics of you and Kels and others on facebook.