Sunday, October 19, 2008

it's been a good week


1.) Discovered The Houston Galleria. Picture this, the Forum Shops at Cesar's Palace - prostitutes + NORDSTROM .
2.) I found a Juicy Couture Outlet. I don't think you understand how much these two words shouldn't go together, but they do, and it was amazing.
3.) While at the outlet mall with the aforementioned Juicy store I found a True Religion outlet. Rodney and I have already planned a trip there when he comes back in December. We have chosen to not talk about the plane trip and the three hour drive that getting to our paradise will entail, we've only dwelt on the positives, like the fact that it's a True Religion OUTLET!!
4.) While at The Galleria, the boy and I managed to spend $40 on candy at Dylan's Candy Bar. Now, I thought that spending over $10 on refined sugar was a talent only Dials were born with, but clearly he picked that up somewhere along the way. The other highlight of this endeavour was that all the candy was gone within 24 hours.
5.) Spent a good amount of time with the oldest 4 Dial children. If I had to make a pie chart outlining how our time was divided, the categories would be trying on jeans, sitting at Del Taco, eating frozen yogurt, and dancing. Oh and dancing on tables would take up a small percentage of one very strange evening that I hope was not photographed.

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