Thursday, October 30, 2008

prompted by food, obviously

In a couple of months I will be returning to the great state of Utah. Last week I was dreading it, but about a day ago I got excited for the adventure. The excitement was spurred by an intense craving for Cafe Rio and J-Dawgs (simultaneously). We're talking one of those cravings that takes over and it's all you think about until you got to HEB and buy a pint of ice cream and realize it won't satisfy the craving so you throw the ice cream away on your way out of the store. If you've ever had J-Dawgs, and then been deprived for any amount of time, you understand the feeling. I also thought about Kyria on those tables at a party at the APX building and realized that at some point she's going to need a sister. Some point. Who knows when that will be.

I also thought about my career life and realized that it's pretty glamorous and ambitious but I still have so much growing up to do. I still have a lot of party in me. I don't want to go to bed at 11. I want to stay up late with hot strangers and worry about school and not have people take me so seriously. I don't want calls about about deadlines and color samples and a plethora of problems. And I miss Wendy's. I mean, I know we have Wendy's here, but I don't eat it ever. I haven't been on a budget in such a long time, since Provo, in fact and I want one.

I'm sure this will pass, and come tomorrow I will want to stay here forever and live without a budget and be with who I've grown accustomed to spending my nights with. I will enjoy being treated like an adult and acting like one and waking up early and taking care of business. Going to Utah just means facing a lot of things I have been avoiding for the past couple of months, but it might all be worth it for the Pork Burrito. 

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