Tuesday, July 22, 2008


He was different than anyone I'd ever involved myself with. He was quirky and funny and surprisingly realistic and upbeat. It took shorter than expected for me to fall. All my previous conceptions about dating and the overall human interaction were questioned and replaced with this euphoric life of sacrifice and love. He taught me by his example the genuine care one person can have for another. He saw me. And not the way the lady at the check-out counter sees me. The way a life long friend and confidante sees me; full of flaws but equally worth some one's affection.

The critics were impressed, but not convinced. Charmed but not smitten. I knew. I knew there was something to come of this different man.

He's gone now and there are lives and new loves and a different haircut and so many other changes. I learned from him to not be afraid of change. I learned to not shy away from being adored. Most of all I learned. For the first time in my life I took an experience and turned it into an instruction, a course on living life fully and loving whole-heartedly. A pivotal, steady, and unforgettable lesson.

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