Friday, July 25, 2008

you are what you eat

Being back in provo reminds me that no matter how many hours I spend on the treadmill each day, I will still be delivered the fate of my eating choices as a college student. I would be remiss if I didn't thank everyone that has made it so easy for me to never eat salad, EVER again.

-Nestle Sugar Cookie dough (uncooked, obviously.)- Pillsbury comes in a close second but with Nestle, i can eat an entire tube in a matter of one, depressing, weekend

  • Honore Julien a belgium guy (i believe) who cooked French Fries for Thomas Jefferson therefore introducing them to the United States and therefore making their way into my life. Honorable Mention goes to Chick-fil-a and Wendy's for their ability to master this delicacy

    -Whoever came up with cookies-and-cream ice cream- I am impartial to brand, size, or quantity- just put oreos in my vanilla ice cream and turn on an episode of The Hills and I'm set for a good 60 minutes

    -Beto's California Burrito- it's only redeeming quality is that i don't like cheese so instead of lard, lard, and lard, it's just lard & lard.

    -churros- again, impartial to brand. Maybe its the deep fried thing, maybe its the covered in sugar thing.

    -the Wendy's value menu- Wendy's made it on the list twice, with good reason.

    -the cute, probably 17-year-old, sandwich-preparer at Subway who gives me a free cookie if i smile at him the right way thus turning my healthy Club sandwich into an unhealthy meal because, naturally, a coke is requisite because free cookies make me thirsty and since i recently read an article about the damaging effects of aspartame (curse you Time Magazine for keeping me informed) i now drink regular soda and BAM cute, 17-year-old just added 500 calories to my meal all because of my smile

    -chips. and salsa.

    -snickers, twix, twix remix, fast break, 100 grand, junior mints, etc, etc...

    Seriously though, what happened to the An-Apple-For-Every-Meal Elyse?
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