Friday, July 18, 2008


I have three homes. Its a weird, unsettling, confusing fact. I have my apartment, where I rest my head and shower and hang out with my boyfriend and dance around in my underwear and watch movies. I have my parent's house (which for the sake of my mother's abandonment issues, I call home) where I eat dinner on sundays, where my parents hold me after a long day, where I go when I don't want to be alone or when I want to feel unconditional love coming out of my ears.

Then there's Utah. Utah has a special place in my heart because its where I learned to be Me. Its where I stopped caring what people thought and started living my life. Utah is where I made my adult mistakes and made my adult decisions and started eating fast food and sprained my wrist and kissed a whole lot of boys I didn't know and made friends I will never forget. Its home. And today, I'm going to go visit that place. And for 7 days I'm going to be home. And I'm going to miss home. And I'm going to be confused and happy and comfortable all in one week.

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Jennifer said...

You used the B word. Wow!