Sunday, July 13, 2008


Kyria stands up after dinner and says she has an announcement. She says that she has finally made a decision about where she's going to college and would like for everyone to listen to her. Cue that special sister ESP eye contact signaling that although she is trying to make a big deal and being all dramatic she has forgotten that earlier that morning, at approx. 5 a.m., while hopped up on energy drinks and hot boys, she had announced to a group of strangers where she was going to college, and I overheard. But, being the team player that I am, I played along.

"I was thinking about it and -blah blah blah- I'm going to Hawaii!"

Mom yips, the boys think that means we're all going to Hawaii so they're excited, Nikka begins calculating how many hours of babysitting equate one round-trip plane ticket. Grandma is confused about the excitement, and Dad stands up and hugs Kyria congratulating her for making a decision. See, my dad is all about decision making. As adults, the decisions we make are rarely criticized, instead we receive heat if we don't make a decision at all.

When all the hustle and bustle died down I said, "Now wait Dad, Kyria just got laude for deciding what she's doing in the fall. Where's my praise? Where's my hug?"

"Let me get this straight, you want a praise for dropping out of college?"

"Hey, its a decision."


He stands up, comes over to where I am and gives me a hug. He talks so only I can hear and says, "We all know how difficult it is for you to make decisions. Way to go darling."

And then, 5 minutes later, came Grandma's delayed reaction. "Who's going to Hawaii?!?!"


Morgan said...

your dropping out of BYU???

jenner said...

thats pretty much exactly how it went. Oh except minds have already been changed.

Natalie said...

where on earth are you going in the fall little miss?