Thursday, July 3, 2008

its not just good, it's Sonic good

Last night I had an intense craving for a sonic burger, tator tots, an ocean water and one of those reese's blasts. Normally, this sort of craving is satified as quick as it comes with a quick trip to the nearest fast food chain, in this case Sonic. However, for some reason, something inside of me decided to see how far I could push myself. I passed an exit on the freeway with a Sonic. Naturally, I pat myself on the back. Then I saw a sign. Sonic. 2 Miles. Shoot. This gave me 75 seconds to make a decision. Sonic. Yes. or No. Unfortunately there was traffic so my 75 second decision turned into a 15 minute decision. Those were the longest, most ambivalent, 15 minutes of my life. A simple decision of where to eat turned into one of my famous "what am I going to do with my life" pondering sessions. What does the Sonic represent? Is it a big deal to have 1 burger? Is this a habit? Will the next True Life: I'm Obese be about me? Or will I go home, prepare some salad, and go to bed with an hungered stomach but a mind full of dopamine and vitamin k? Could I give up fast food completely and live forever in a perfect, toned, skinny body? If my future kids crave sonic at 10 o'clock at night will I let them go? Will I have refined sugars in the house or only healthy snacks? What about ice cream, does ice cream count?

Finally, the moment of reckoning came. The exit was getting closer- 1/4 mile, then 100 yards, then I could see it, then it was time to turn my blinker on. Then, as though I grew up all in one instant I passed right by that exit and went home.

Pat on the freakin' back.

And for dinner I did have salad. Oh, and ice cream.

Still, it's progress.

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guerita buenita said...

by the way....sonic has 99cent milkshakes...I think the past couple weeks I've had them EVERY NIGHT! so don't feel bad for a momentary wallowing in indecision. we're all there with you. hope you get back to utah soon. i want to see you and you have to come to my wedding!